Seminar FAQ's

Hopefully we'll cover off all your questions, but if not, please get in touch!

Q. What does Glen require in terms of Audio Visual equipment and staging specifications?
Please refer to the audio-visual requirements section for full details of the setup we’ll need.

Q. Would you like us to provide lunch for Glen seeing as he will be with our staff for the entire day?
Some businesses are able to provide lunch for Glen, which is greatly appreciated. If you aren’t able to provide lunch, please let our team know and we will organise something for him. (This is only applicable if Glen is with your business for the entire day).

Q. How does Glen like to be introduced?
Glen will introduce himself and talk about the purpose and focus of the seminar.
Often businesses like to make their own introductions and explain what they hope their teams will gain from the program. To introduce Glen a simple "This is Glen Gerreyn (pronounced Gerine - rhymes with dine) is fine.

Q. What do seminar participants need to take along with them on the day?
We ask for everyone to come with a pen, and an open heart and mind (and a bottle of water if they’d like).

Q. When does our business have to pay for the seminar?
To save time and make it more convenient for you, we do not require a deposit. The full amount is due 7 days prior to the seminar.

Q. How do I confirm our business' booking?
Your may have tentatively booked a date or simply enquired if a date is available. Please note that this alone doesn’t confirm your booking! The booking form on our website needs to be completed. This will confirm the date and make sure that we have all the necessary information for a successful seminar with your team. We will send you a booking confirmation email as soon as we’ve received the booking form from you.

Q. What happens if we have to postpone or cancel the seminar at the last minute?
We have the following policy regarding cancellations.
- Cancellations of confirmed bookings can be made 8 weeks prior to the seminar date with no cancellation fee.
- Cancellations within 8 weeks of the seminar date will incur 50% of the complete seminar fee.
- Cancellations within 4 weeks of the seminar date will incur 75% of the complete seminar fee.
- Cancellations within 1 week of the seminar date will incur 100% of the complete seminar fee.

If you need to reschedule the seminar less than 4 weeks prior, please contact us to secure an alternative day and time. If we don’t hear from you the cancellation fees will apply.

Q. My business is not in Sydney so how much do we pay for travel costs?
At the time you enquire about your seminar booking we will be able to quote you on any travel expenses. However please be aware that travel costs are subject to change due to the variable nature of booking prices and the time frame between prices quotes and delivery of the program. As a result please allow up to 30% increase in costs. We will confirm final travel costs when we email you the invoice a month prior to the seminar.

Q. Does our business have to pay for any accommodation?
If Glen is unable to fly in and out of your local airport on the day of the seminar an additional cost for accommodation will be added to your seminar fee. This will be quoted to you at the time of your enquiry. However please be aware that accommodation costs are subject to change due to the variable nature of booking prices and the time frame between prices quotes and delivery of the seminar. So we ask that you please allow up to 30% increase in costs. We will email you a final invoice one month prior to the seminar, which will confirm final accommodation costs.

Q. Do you want our business to provide a written testimonial of the seminar?
We thoroughly appreciate that the businesses we visit take a moment to write a note about their experience with Glen. This not only gives us great feedback in ensuring we have delivered a seminar above and beyond your business’s expectations, but it also helps us when new businesses want to book Glen for the first time. These clients can then hear from other businesses about their experience – a far more effective way of giving them an appreciation of what the seminars are about and the lasting value they create. Written references can be mailed or emailed, and with your permission are included on our website and possibly on other marketing material.
Many businesses also offer themselves as verbal references in support of Glen, which is always very much appreciated.

Q. Can we record or video the presentation?
Glen is happy to consider individual requests from businesses wishing to record part of a seminar. Please note though that express permission must be sought beforehand, and businesses must adhere to our strict conditions. We also ask that a copy of any approved video/audio or photographic recordings of any seminars be supplied to The Hopefull Organisation following the seminar, and prior to it being distributed. We appreciate your compliance.

Q. What would happen if Glen cannot make it to the business on the day of the seminar?
If due to sickness or other circumstances on our side Glen is unable to deliver the seminar on the confirmed day and time, we will be in touch to reschedule for another day and time.

Still got questions? Our team have the answers. Please get in touch!
Email us at or call us on (02) 9943 0350