Designing Tomorrow

How strategy and innovation lead culture.

Who is this seminar for?

Great strategy is at the heart of every successful company. This seminar helps individuals and teams think creatively about their role and personal contributions to better their organisation. Through hopeful thinking employees possess a greater level of connection to the corporate goals and therefore intuitively and purposefully contribute to their achievement in more meaningful ways. In a culture which fosters creativity and new ideas, business leaders are able to harness the often hidden assets within their teams.


Seminar Objectives

  • Reinforces the importance of innovation and creative thinking within existing frameworks.
  • Combines reason with creativity that is grounded in both reality and possibility.
  • Explains how to think like a strategist to improve efficiency.
  • Optimises strategy for success as a market place competitor.


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for this seminar

Duration: 45 - 90 minutes
Audience size: 5 to 5000

"Glen spoke from the heart, enthusiastically sharing his journey in overcoming adversity, reminding us what it takes to succeed – the importance of having purpose and enjoying our work lives."

Edwina Hunter
Living Local Magazine