Wellbeing at Work

Creating Personal Change 


The HopeFull Organisation compels people to create their own personal revolutions through mindfullness, mentoring and motivational input. Founder Glen Gerreyn has dedicated over a twenty years to driving growth and change in the lives of individuals and teams.


What is it?


Our world is becoming ever more complex socially, enviromentally and politically. It is a world which causes many to flounder and unable to develop meaning or mastery. Blinded by societal pressures and fears we become future blind and disengaged. With our world changing so rapidly technologically, people become stuck in a permanent and ceaseless present. 


This seminar instills core competencies employees need to engage with our VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) world. It empowers employees with the tools to take immediate and massive action to impact and influence their personal and professional lives. This is a social and emotional wellbeing program which develops grit, emotional intelligence, mindfulness, flow, gratitude and optimism. 


Who is it for?


'Wellbeing at Work' - 7 Core Competencies to help every employee flourish, is for any organisation committed to driving growth and positive change.


Seminar Objectives


  • Empowers employees with seven practical principles they can apply to their personal lives to bring about inner transformation. 
  • Illustrates how collaborating with leading professionals is vital to ensuring better decisions.
  • Answers the question: 'What should we be aiming for in life?''
  • Helps employees at all levels of leadership and hierarchy recognize the triggers to 'flow' ie. find that place where you perform your best and where you feel your best.
  • Displays how mindfulness can create the internal conditions for peak performance - by improving focus, clarity of thought and reducing reactivity and perceived stress.
  • Dispels the myth of scarcity and helps participants to develop a deeper sense of gratitude. 

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Duration: 45 - 90 minutes
Audience size: 5 to 5000

"I have attended 'motivational seminars' for 40 years and in this four hours I think Glen has conveyed more than many do in two days."

Michael Wellsmore
President Real Estate Institute ACT